Welcome to The Yeovil Rivers Community Trust Website!

We are a new Community Trust specialising in the restoration, preservation and sustainability of the rivers and streams in and around Yeovil and also promote the creation and management of ponds and wetlands for people and wildlife. Here are the projects and tasks we aim to achieve within this River restoration and habitat enhancement project:


  - Increase Biodiversity

  - Wildlife monitoring

  - Enhanced Flood Risk


  - Restore and increase

    the range and quality

   of habitats

  - Education to schools

    about sustainability and


  - Vegetation clearance

    and creation of Wildlife


  - Litter clearance

  - General improvement of

    the river, bringing

    communities together.

  - Carry out activity days

    and volunteering events

    to achieve completion of




We aim for as much community support as possible so if you are interested in shaping your future to a sustainable and natural one, then we would love your involvement! Look out for events and volunteer activities posted on Facebook and here on our website. 

Many of our activity days our child-friendly so the whole family can join in on our quest to improve our Rivers and Wildlife.  




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