2 Spine Stickleback in Freshwater(Credit: University of Puget Sound)



  • An unusual features of sticklebacks is that they have no scales, although some species have bony armour plates.

  • They are related to pipefish and seahorses. 

  • Sticklebacks are carnivorous, feeding on small animals such as insects, crustaceans and fish larvae.

  • The main features of stickleback are having a row of 2 to 16 spines on the back, which are positioned in front of a soft-rayed dorsal fin. They also possess a sharp spine in each of the pelvic fins, a slender tail base, a squared tail, large eyes, and an upturned mouth.

  • If you see red coloured stickleback fish, it is a male stickleback getting ready for reproduction.

  • Sticklebacks are small, elongated fishes that reach a maximum length of about 18 cm (7 inches).

  • Stickleback fish can be found not only in oceans but also freshwater.